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Specialized technologies for all applications of injection molding in the automotive sector


"turn key" technology for the needs of injection molding in clean room

At top speed ... with the best control

The best production efficiency in injection molding of Packaging

Together in the future

Efficiency, precision , reliability , for the most complex applications of injection molding in the electronic industry

Business units


For each business units of injection molding , we offer a competent support and perfectly dedicated solutions. Our strength is the achievement of the best success of our customers.



The continuous development of the automotive industry inspires us toward specific solutions and technologies of injection molding in terms of precision.

According to different production requirements, we offer products and specialized technical assistance in the following areas:

Engine components

Lighting systems

Inside the car

Outside the car



The molding of electrical and electronic components requires precise and reliable injection molding machines and robots to produce parts with a complex morphology and with high quality standards.

Our production cells are equipped with special patents devoted to the following activities:

Precision electrical and electronic connections

Accessories for computer

Components for consumer electronics

Technical items of extreme precision 



The injection molding of the packaging requires extremely different technologies.

We offer equipped with cutting-edge technologies in the world able to achieve the highest standards in terms of speed, quality and production efficiency in the following areas:

Closures and special seals

Details with extremely thin wall

Buckets and containers




The injection molded parts for the medical field require solutions "turnkey". We offer solutions specially dedicated to the clean room production, to meet the specific needs of components such as:

Syringes and inhalers

Components for dialysis and blood transfusions


Medical closures